Dec 2016
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I have updated the gallery with high-quality photos of Michael at the photocall of Assassin’s Creed in Berlin earlier today.

Nov 2016
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Graham Norton’s New Year’s Eve orange sofa is going to have quite the green (and Munster) tinge as half of his guests hail from his native province.

Killarney native Fassebender is no stranger to the Norton sofa, and he’ll be along this time with fellow X-Men franchise star James McAvoy.

But although since 20th Century Fox is apparently working on a semi-reboot of the X-Men series, this time around they’re not meeting Graham Norton for a Magneto and Professor X reunion.

McAvoy is starring in Sixth Sense director M Night Shyamalan’s latest thriller Split, while Fassbender will joined on the sofa by his Assassin’s Creed co-star Marion Cotillard.

Source: RTE

Nov 2016
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Michael attended the photocall for Assassin’s Creed earlier today in Sydney, Australia. I have added high-quality photos into the gallery!